Monday, May 14, 2012

Guess what?
I moved!

You can find me here:

Monday, April 16, 2012

from XS to XL

Late last summer, Chui & Rico dug their way to freedom & never returned.
We posted many fliers, made lots of phone calls in response to lost & found ads, took weekly trips to the shelter just to make sure they weren't there...all to no avail.
We still miss them & I subscribe to "swap" groups & pet groups on Facebook so I can keep an eye on the postings. I figure those little boogers are in the lap of luxury, fat & happy and being held "captive" by a loving family who mistook the little odd couple for strays.
In November, we brought home an adorable little puppy. We named him Kodi Oso & watched him grow. And boy did he grow! Kodi is 6 months old now, and finally brave enough to stay outside alone for a few minutes. There's never a dull moment with Kodi Bear around! E calls him the "man dog" and Hugsy calls him T-Rex!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Mount Floatmore is No More.

Rico and Chui. Chui and Rico. Two very small, very happy pups. Also, jailbreakers, hole diggers, fabric shredders. Chui has "outgrown" it a bit since a certain procedure. What you see in this picture is the extent of his involvement with water. He will stand on that top step and enjoy the hip-deep water for a bit but that's it. Rico though. Oh, Rico.

He is a lively little pup, digging and shredding all the day long. We learned pretty quickly to leave the floats IN the pool to keep from tempting the little raptor. One by one, they floated too close to the edge. And at the edge of the pool, is Rico.

Mount Floatmore is no more. Within a few weeks he managed to wrestle the gator (and defeat it) then systematically destroy the remaining floats one by one. He's nothing if he's not determined. He managed to shred the walls of the cabana too. Here it is, in better days.

So long summer. So long pool floats. So long cabana. See you next year!

Rico will be waiting.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Mount Floatmore

It's Friday! I've gone a little crazy with the floaties, haven't I? It started out innocently enough but I kept finding cute floatie things and brining them home. The floating island was the final straw. It's an awesome float for two people to float lazily around looking up at the clouds, or at the stars. It has now become the base for Mount Floatie. Thankfully, we've not had any major wind lately. Over the past few months we've had trouble keeping the floats in the pool. And the dogs think they make fun chew toys.
Did I say dogS? Yep, we rescued a cute little pooch and brought him home to be Chui's friend. Introducting...Rico! We thought he was an adult but he's definitely very much PUPPY. He drags Chui's bed all over the yard and Chui finds it and lays on it wherever it ends up. Chui frequently gives Rico a look like "my ear is NOT a chew toy".

Thursday, July 7, 2011

don't act crazy.

Girls have got to do what girls have got to do. And when you are headed to the supercenter on a busy holiday weekend, Starbucks is what you have to do! My chica and I indulge occasionally in ice cold yummy treats from Starbucks. I always tell her "don't act crazy" because caffeine can make her bubbly personality bubble completely over. I just learned how to make my own iced coffee that rivals the caramel machiatto you see here. SO, more caffeine for me! I'm not entirely sure that is a good thing.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Snow blast in July

Since I got sick earlier this year and had to give up my beloved solar nails and monthly mani/pedi, nail polish has become my obsession.
My little Chica and I did our nails with a patriotic theme for Independence Day. The red and blue are Sinful Colors in Ruby Ruby and Midnight Blue with a coat of crackle in Snow Blast.
We are all about the crackle lately. It shrinks up quite a bit as it dries so you can't be too hung up on perfection. It's a good thing that's not one of my issues :)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

swimming pools, movie stars

(This picture is from the online real estate listing)
When we were looking for a house, we had a few "must haves" and a few "great to haves" on our list. A swimming pool was not on either list. I didn't, however, understand people who put pools on their "absolutely not" list....until now.
You've seen a picture of the pool covered in snow. What you didn't see was hours of skimming leaves, sweet gum balls, pollen, frogs and crawdads out of the pool. Not to mention managing chemical balance, water level, on and on. We thought we had it all under control and then the monsoons came. We awoke to this expensive looking nightmare:
Why yes, the liner does appear to be collapsing. Thankfully, in spite of our total freak out, we had an awesome pool guy give us some great advice to just wait it out. "It may go back to normal". We waited a couple of days for evaporation and voila! back to normal.
Just in time for the most awesome Mother's Day ever:
(My view from the lounge chair)